Hymn Links

Ambrose Milan

Wikipedia “Hymn”—A helpful place to begin in finding a basic introduction to the hymn. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hymn

Hymn Society in the United States and Canada: This wonderful organization is the only one in North America exclusively devoted to congregational singing. I find its annual summer conference a wonderful time of worship, fellowship and renewal and its quarterly journal, The Hymn, is both scholarly and practical. They also have a helpful Hymn Society Book Service representative of many different publishers.—highly recommended. http://www.thehymnsociety.org/

NetHymnal: A popular commercial hymn site with advertising that I found distracting. Billed as the “#1 Hymn site online since 1996.” Has over 10,000 hymns with familiar tunes played on a synthesizer and author biographies. Also photos of hymn authors and composers. This may be a helpful place to start, but I recommend going beyond this introductory site.-http://www.cyberhymnal.org/

Hymnsite.com: A popular site, United Methodist in orientation. Gives suggested hymns for each Sunday from the United Methodist Hymnal and cites the lectionary readings. Each hymn tune is played on a keyboard instrument. http://www.hymnsite.com/

Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary: Hymn Tune Archive.
This is a database and indexed archive of public-domain hymn tunes and chants in electronic formats, including MIDI files, printable sheet music, and editable electronic musical scores that have been donated to the Christian Classic Ethereal Library. It does not include hymn texts or lyrics.http://www.ccel.org/cceh/

Cyber Hymnal: Has over 7,900 Christian hymn and gospel songs from many different denominations. Has texts and tunes, pictures, biographies, and history. www.cyberhymnal.org/

Sacred Harp Singing: “A definitive guide to Sacred Harp and Related musical traditions.” Includes singings, indexes, minutes of singings, and other resources. Sponsored by the Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association. http://fasola.org/

Warren Steel’s Sacred Harp Singing: A site developed by D. Warren Steel of the University of Mississippi. Includes such resources as singing schedules and minutes, articles, essays, reviews of books and recordings. Also a Shape-Note Resource Guide by Steven L. Sabol of Washington, D. C. shape-note singers. http://www.mcsr.olemiss.edu/~mudws/harp.html

Negro Spirituals – http://www.negrospirituals.com/

Hymn Tune Index: This index, developed under the supervision of Professor Nicholas Temperly at the University of Illinois, encompasses hymn tunes associated with English language texts up to 1820.http://hymntune.library.uiuc.edu/

Choristers Guild: An ecumenical organization devoted to sacred music for children with much emphasis on hymns. Their online catalog includes an alphabetical index by hymn tune name of their many choral publications based on hymn tunes. http://www.choristersguild.org/index.php

The Taizé Community: http://www.taize.fr/

The Iona Community: http://www.iona.org.uk/

The Good Shepard Institute: http://www.goodshepherdinstitute.org/index.php?page=home

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship: http://www.calvin.edu/worship/


Martin LutherCopyright Web Links

CCLI United States: http://www.ccli.com/

Complete World Copyright Website:http://www.compilerpress.ca

Copyright for Congregations – Canada:http://www.united-church.ca

US Copyright Office: http://www.copyright.gov/

US Copyright basics:http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ01.pdf

Copyright Board of Canada: http://www.cb-cda.gc.ca/home-accueil-e.html

LicenSing Online: http://www.licensingonline.org/


Augsburg Fortress: http://www.augsburgfortress.org/

Concordia Publishing House: http://www.cph.org/cphstore/default.asp?ct=true

GIA Publications: http://www.giamusic.com/

Abingnon Press: http://www.abingdonpress.com/forms/home.aspx

Cokesbury: http://www.cokesbury.com/forms/home.aspx

Church Publishing: http://www.churchpublishing.org/

Hope Publishing Company: Non-denominational, with roots in late 19th century gospel hymnody, now a leading publisher of new hymns from Great Britain and North America.http://www.hopepublishing.com/html/main.isx

Celebrating Grace: http://www.celebrating-grace.com

LifeWay Music: http://www.lifeway.com/

Online Hymnals, databases and research sites:

The Hymnary: http://www.hymnary.org/

Cyber Hymnal: www.cyberhymnal.org/

Gesangbuch (German Hymn Site): http://www.gesangbuch.org/

Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary: http://www.ccel.org/cceh/

The Psalms of David Imitated: http://infomotions.com/etexts/gutenberg/dirs/1/3/1/6/13166/13166.htm

Julian’s Dictionary of Hymnology: http://www.hymnary.org/node/5610

Hymn Tune Index: This index, developed under the supervision of Professor Nicholas Temperly at the University of Illinois, encompasses hymn tunes associated with English language texts up to 1820.http://hymntune.library.uiuc.edu/

Sacred Music Sources at UIUC Music Library:http://www.library.illinois.edu/mux/research/sacred.html

Hymnology of the North American Mennonites: A part of the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online. http://www.gameo.org/encyclopedia/contents/H954ME.html

Moravian Music Foundation: Their library includes a large collection of hymnals, including the Irving Lowens collection of early American tunebooks. http://www.moravianmusic.org/

Christian Board of Publication (Chalice Press): http://www.chalicepress.com/default.aspx

Hope Publishing Company: http://www.hopepublishing.com/html/main.isx

Liturgical Press: http://www.litpress.org/

Selah Publishing Company: http://www.selahpub.com/

Wayne Leupold Editions: http://www.wayneleupold.com/

John WesleyDenominational Musician Organization sites:

Association of Lutheran Church Musicians: http://www.alcm.org/

National Association of Pastoral Musicians: http://www.npm.org/

Church of the Brethren General Board: http://www.brethren.org/

Baptist Church Music Conference: http://www.sbcmc.org/

Congregational Song (Wayne Leupold):http://www.wayneleupold.com